Specializing in Chicago Blues, Swing and Boogie
2010 and 2015 International Blues Challenge Participants   
"I Love blues music! Blues bands are not hard to find. But a band that can play blues music (play: to perform in such a way that one watching is compelled to get off one's ass.) with complete precision and purity is! The only factor keeping this band from legendary status is time, and though I personally live thousands of miles from Mr. Boa and his venomous crew, you can bet your asp I will be doing all I can to prepare the east coast for Erik Boa and his Constrictors...the second coming of the blues!"
Ashton D. Allen, JAZZIZ Magazine
Based out of Denver Colorado, Erik Boa & The Constrictors are undoubtedly one of the finest blues bands in the state. Playing over 250 shows last year this trio digs as deep as any band you'll see!